As Sean has gained a greater reputation over the years he is privileged to endorse the following products.


Bare Knuckle pickups

Sean has a set of "Mule" pickups fitted to his Les Paul. Along with 300k original Gibson pots, this gives a real "bluesy" warm tone.


Tanglewood guitars

For a number of years Sean continues to play acoustic performances. For more than 10 years now Sean has endorsed Tanglewood guitars. His 2 favourites are the TW33 and the Premier Dreadnought TW1000. Both these guitars appear on all of Sean's albums.


Rotosound strings

As any touring guitarist knows, strings are one of the most important factors in tone, piece of mind and playability. Rotosound strings provide Sean with all those factors and always surpass his expectations.

Zilla Music

Having found the amp which he always wanted, (a Fender Tonemaster), Sean was faced with cab choice. After speaking at length to Paul at Zilla Music, Sean was offered an artist deal and advised to purchase a 2 X 12 Fat Boy. This cab was colour matched to his Fender Tonemaster and this combination goes to every gig with Sean. 


Deeflexx systems

Faced occasionally with too much direct beam from Sean's cab, the Deeflexx system not only offers shielding from the the sometimes harsh direct beam, but provides a greater overall on stage sound. This dramatically improves being able to hear yourself and reduces reliance on monitors. 



"As I continue down my musical path I would just like to thank all my sponsors for helping me, making things all the more easier"